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Características principales

SV 9345.610

Otras características

  • Con monitoreo remoto: No

  • Con arranque remoto: No


Model No. SV 9345.610
Material Polyamide
Fire protection corresponding to UL 94-V0
Colour RAL 7035
Supply includes Connection straps
Sliding blocks
Rated current max. 250 A
Rated operating voltage 690 V, 4~
Cable outlet Bottom
For bar systems with centre-tocentre spacing 60 mm
Note Cable outlet: Switch outlet or as outgoing cable from the switchgear
The technical data may vary for UL applications
Number of poles 3-pole
Dimensions Width: 105 mm
Height: 240 mm
To ft busbars with cross-section height: 5, 10 mm
To ft manufacturer (model) ABB (T3S, XT3)
ABB (S3, T3, T4/320 A, T3 UL, T4 UL, XT3, XT4)
Allen Bradley (140U-J)
Eaton (NZM2, NZM2 UL, BZM B2)
GE (FE160, FE250, FD160)
Legrand (DPX 250)
Mitsubishi (NF125-SGW/HGW, NF160-SGW/HGW)
OEZ (BD250N, BD250S)
Schneider Electric (NS(X)100, NS(X)160, NS(X)250, GV7, NSF150, NSF250)
Schrack (MC2)
Siemens (VL150(X) UL, VL160(X), VL250, VL250 UL, 3RV10 63, 3RV13 63, 3RV13 64,
3VT2, 3VA12/20/21/22, 3VA52/61/62)
Terasaki (H125, L125, H160, L160, S160, E250, H250, L250)